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Products - Container Houses & Shipping Containers

Port Container Services have a range of specialised shipping container products for sale and hire including portable granny flats. They can be delivered directly to your door quickly and easily for peace of mind. If you're in need of a shipping container or granny flat, at an affordable price, then request a shipping container quote from Port Container Services.

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Granny Flats  
Shipping Container Houses
Our shipping container houses are ideal for temporary or permanent accommodation. Our granny flats are custom designed and built to your specifications. There are a variety of containre house sizes available, request a quote for a price guide and brochure.
Storage Containers For Sale
General Purpose Shipping Containers
We have a variety of new and used shipping containers for sale. Our 20ft shipping containers are probably our most popular units, and it allows us to keep our prices competitive. We not only have shipping containers for sale, but also shipping containers for hire also.
High Cube Storage Containers
High Cube Shipping Containers
These shipping containers are similar to our general purpose shipping containers for sale, though they are an extra foot in height. We have new high cube shipping containers and used high cube shipping containers for sale. Though we also have long and short term high cube rental available.
Flat Rack Storage Containers
Flat Rack Shipping Containers
Our flat rack shipping containers are ideal for transporting bulky cargo. We have 20ft and 40ft flat rack shipping containers for sale.
Open Top Storage Containers
Open Top Shipping Containers
These shipping containers for sale can be top loaded by a crane for easy shipping. We have 20ft and 40ft open top shipping containers for sale.
Refrigerated Storage Container
Refrigerated Shipping Containers
If you're after a refrigerated shipping container for sale then we have the right unit for you. Refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for storing and transporting perishable goods.
Insulated Storage Container
Insulated Shipping Containers
These shipping containers keep your goods at a steady temperature. Insulated containers can also be fitted with additional shipping container accessories upon request.
Dangerous Goods Shipping Container   Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers
Do you currently have hazardous goods that you need to store or transport? You will definitely need a dangerous goods storage container, guaranteed to keep you and other safe from any harm.
Portable Workshops  
Portable Workshops
Our portable workshop containers are a popular item and are useful for any onsite construction. Our portable workshops can be fitted with numerous shipping container accessories to increase functionality. Lets us build you the ultimate workshop, the way you want it!
Site Sheds
Port Container Services specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality site sheds. Our site sheds for sale keep your important documents and equipment safe and secure on the work site. Our site sheds can be built to your specifications, request a site shed quote to find out more.

New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale
Above you can find our range of new and used shipping containers for sale and hire. If you have any questions on our shipping containers for sale, then give us a call and one of our friendly staff will answer any of your shipping container related questions.

Port Container Services specialise in modified shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Shipping Container Homes, Site Offices, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Storage Containers. For a brochure and price guide fill in our instant online quote form to your left and receive a competitive shipping container quote today.


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